MYVPR™My Virtual Pharmacy Representative

Helping customers obtain quality customer service and valid information is something we understand. Atrivu develops voice driven immersive technology. Two members of our current family use that technology to provide just that, quality service and useful information.

MYVPR Delivers Solutions


  • MYVPR is a virtual pharmacy agent. She is designed to respond to a single customer in a private exchange. MYVPR is designed to provide a level of knowledge typically expected only by licensed pharmacist.


  • She is personable, responsive and she understands what she hears by analyzing the tone of voice and the contextual attitude of the patient. MYVPR provides a personal level of support for medical counseling and drug education. A human patient’s exchange of information with MYVPR meets all regulatory requirements of HIPPA, SNOMED, HL7 and DICOM.


  • How does MYVPR communicate?
    The exchange of information is between the patient and MYVPR Interacting with MYVPR is exactly like talking to a human being. MYVPR can answer questions as if the patient were actually asking a human healthcare professional. She will be able to answer almost any question that arises.


  • Can the patient personalize MYVPR?
    Patients and customers can customize how MYVPR looks, from her hair and skin color to the clothing she wears. MYVPR will be available in an English language version. She is planned to incorporate multiple languages in the coming development cycles.


  • MYVPR is obviously reliable, right?
    MYVPR never gets sick. She does not require sleep or even breaks. MYVPR is at work 24/7, 365 days a year.