Existing CS Industry Problems:  


It’s not a secret that poor customer/technical service is one of the major pain points of consumers today, whether it’s the frustration of connecting with someone that can help, poor communication, or lack of technical ability, inadequate customer service is a direct impact on profitability, and costs companies OVER $90 Billion annually. The development and implantation of MYVCSR will be paramount in:

  • Meeting the demanding needs of consumers that have reached the breaking point when it comes to poor customer service
  • Streamlining the customer service experience, removing layers of extraneous connectivity, and creating instant satisfaction through a highly interactive interface
  • Building an environment/community that will revolutionize the way we answer our customer service needs
  • Moving from an offshore model to one that is instantaneous, accurate, and interactive

How MYVCSR Solves Industry Problems

  • MYVCSR captures data and creates the contextual framing platform that has the ability to take individual data points, assimilate them into a coherent state that can be captured, analyzed, and then remediated in real-time for interactivity within the CS engagement or event.
  • The Event generator is self-designing, scoping, customizing, and evolving based off of real-time information that is captured both from the end user as well as the existing back-end support mechanism of the particular service provider.
  • MYVCSR solves for real-time/life graphics, adaptable inputs, and responses, personalized engagement paths based on input and response, baseline information is not created but incorporated in the manipulation of our Cognitive Animated characters and environments.
  •  MYVCSR uses an interactive voice recognition and mapping program, to establish a contextual response.
  •  Animation control will be based off of Odata input, voice input/response, and logic mapping based off of environmental settings.
  •  Hands-free environment using “Voice Driven Animation” to manage the CS function.