Atrivu has set out to create an immersive training environment, designed to change the way  learning takes place today.  Not just a software, MYOGY offers a voice driven engagement that can be used in the classroom, at home, or at a business.  Utilizing our Synthetic Intelligence Solution (ASIS), MYOGY is a student centered, contextual tool that also uses what we call Cognitive Animation.  Additionally we incorporate a Scenario Generator, and Virtual Experience Library repository.

The ASIS platform gets “Smarter” the longer it is in operation and it goes a long way towards eliminating student/client frustration associated with traditional learning methodology.

MYOGY captures data and creates the contextual framework for interactivity within the learning event.  The Training Event generator is self-designing, scoping, customizing, and evolving based off of real-time information that is captured.  MYOGY solves for real-time/life graphics, adaptable inputs and responses, personalized learning paths based on input and response, baseline information is not created but incorporated in the manipulation of our Cognitive Animated characters and environments.  MYOGY uses an interactive voice recognition and mapping program to establish a contextual response.  Animation control will be based off of data input, voice input/response, and logic mapping based off of environmental settings.  The Computer Generated Image Actor (CGIA) then presents an appropriate response cue.  Character responses are not generated by behavioral scripted antiphons, but rather a combined cognitive response based off of data values, and contextual inferences.

It is our intention to take the MYOGY platform and offer an immersive training platform, designed to engage the learner in any area of curriculum, to the K-12, Secondary, and professional education market.