Learning and Development Solutions

All things start with the first step!

Sound learning content development incorporates a process of discovery and creation.  Atrivu believes in utilizing our team of professionals to help you achieve your learning needs, by focusing on all facets of development.  

Our approach which has proven time and time again to be the best forecast of success is to start with the end in mind.  So our first step is to identify what the “END GAME” is, what is the change in knowledge or behavior that you are looking for.

According to Donald Kirkpatrick (Four Levels of Evaluation, 1994) constructing learning content should meet 4 basic needs, is it aesthetically pleasing (Reaction), was there a change in measured knowledge (Learning), was there a change in behavior based on increase knowledge (Transfer) and finally was there an increase in production, improved quality, cost savings etc.. that was brought about by this increase in knowledge and understanding (Results).

As we approach content development for our clients we begin with the end in mind by asking these questions:

  • REACTION – Will the end user  be satisfied with the learning engagement and did they complete it?
  • LEARNING – How do we create the learning engagement so that we know the end user learned from it?
  • TRANSFER – What tools will we use to make sure that we can capture and measure the end users performance?
  • RESULTS – How will be build into the learning engagement and the customers HCMS (Human Capital Management System) a means to capture and measure benefits as a result of utilizing the learning engagement?