Context -VS- Content

What has changed?

We know that “content” has a completely different meaning if it is put in a different “context”.  In order to determine the best information to provide, we first need to identify what is behind the request.  All learning has “context” as well as historical relevance.  This context and relevance is based not so much on the content of the information that was used to learn, but the meaning and emotion we associate with it.

By understanding this we are given the ability to extend our learning events beyond simply looking for information, and guessing whether or not we have asked the right questions.  What is missing however is the need, desire, or ability to depend on the most basic human abilities such as communicating, reasoning, recognizing, liking, choosing, and remembering.

“Current learning is based on “linear” progressions and is content based”


MYOGY is a revolutionary context management form of learning, tailored to the grade and age of the student for which the material is intended for”