Synthetic Intelligence Solutions for Education

Improving performance is a large part of any learning environment, whether it’s K-12, Secondary, or Professional Education. What’s been missing is a high-impact operating model to go along with the ever changing needs of learning programs and institutions of today.  The next generation of training and development challenges and performance improvement, can be solved by using ASIS™ (Artificial Synthetic Intelligence Solutions) developed and delivered by Atrivu, Inc.

ASIS is used to capture data and then create the contextual framework for interactivity within the learning event, based off of real-time information, setting us apart from the competition. It will create a platform that allows for synchronous participation within the same training event.  This will be customizable by the customer, and will be based solely on training outcome desires identified by the customer.

ATRIVU solves for real-time/life graphics, adaptable inputs and responses, personalized learning paths based on input and response, baseline information is not created but incorporated, and we tap into network wide libraries of data.  This insures that the environment in which we function learns from our activity and “knows us” as a result of our inputs and responds accordingly.

This input will be voice driven, and recognized using interactive voice recognition and mapping program, to establish a contextual response.  This raw voice data will then be used to create animation that is based off of the data input (cognitive animation).