Contextual learning is a philosophy of education, based on the idea that learning occurs when people see meaning and connect it with something else.  With traditional instruction, students are expected to perceive and mentally order information by listening to the teacher and by reading assigned material.

However, “Not all students are able to use their natural learning abilities to adapt to or cope with these abstract/conceptual teaching methods. Through contextual learning strategies, students are able to relate subject matter content to real world situations motivating them to make connections between knowledge and its application to their lives as family members, citizens, and workers. Simply put, classroom learning needs to be relevant.” (Larry P. Bond, 2004)

Utilizing MYOGY helps by asking questions to qualify what you are looking for.  By doing this, not only is the student assisted in attaining the information he or she is looking for, but they are given the opportunity to use critical thinking to make those selections.