Atrivu Learning Technology






ATRIVU’s concentrates on four core centers of education: Content – Context – Ownership – Data.  Each one brings unique requirements, but at the same time each one is interdependable on the other.  ATRIVU takes it one step further by establishing a process of identify Task Interdependence, and map those requirements to learning behaviors that lead to greater understanding and retention.

Along the way we also concentrate on personal:

  • Relevance: Relevance is how the learner personally connects with the material, not how the instructor connects (although that helps). Connect information with other known information. Use associations to make it meaningful.
  • Emotion: The stronger the emotion, the more the meaning. All emotional experiences “code” our learning as important.
  • Patterns & Context: Information in isolation has little meaning. Each “puzzle piece” is always part of something larger. It’s the “big picture” that makes the most sense.