Our Leadership Team



Steve “Hawkeye” Kauffman   

“Strategic thinking is sorting through the clutter to discover the best path to success – seeing patterns where others simply see complexity”.


Co-Founder – Chief  Strategist, President & C.E.O.

Steve’s affinity for all things learning started both with his education and practical experience.  His last role during a distinguished military career was as the Chief of Mission Crew Training, where he led a team to deliver specialized training to operational crew members serving aboard the United States Air Force E-3 AWACS Command and Control aircraft.  This training was developed for both real-world operations and training within the simulator.  It was the simulator work that birthed the idea of MYOGY as a Virtual Immersive Training environment.

Following his highly decorated Air Force career, Steve stepped out of the officer ranks and into the civilian world, where he has been recognized as a multifaceted management professional with a history of departmental leadership, results oriented and operational development for a diverse group of industries.  Technically astute with proven ability to design, direct and execute E-based and traditional solutions that consistently solve problems while fueling revenue growth.  Recognized as an expert communicator, confident presenter and skilled idea generator, he has become a sought after consultant working with such companies as AT&T, El Paso Energy, Intuit, Ernst & Young, Canon, Cap Gemini, Cigna, and United Health Group.

His business acumen has been shared in the academic arena as an Adjunct college instructor, focusing on Principles of Management covering analysis of fundamental management principles integrated with concepts of the behavioral sciences, and Critical Thinking covering theoretical and practical approaches to understanding human communications and the solving of problems with emphasis on the enhancement of reasoning and argumentation skills.

Steve has been happily married for 34 years to his wife Julie.  They have 3 daughters and five grandchildren.  Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Change and Development from the University of Oklahoma, and a Bachelor’s Degree (University Honors) in Education from Southern Illinois University.


Jim “Gweed” McMichael




Co-Founder – Chief  Technology Officer

Jim McMichael is a prolific technology systems creator. Jim is the co-founder of Atrivu, Inc. and current Managing Partner of AngelsFiveOne, LLP.  Jim is also known as Jim “Gweed” McMichael, LtCol USAF (ret.) and is an Instructor at the Reserve Officers Association’s Joint Officer Professional Development Seminar (JOPDS).

In 1993, while at Spatial Imaging Technologies, Jim engineered and field tested for six months a unique reverse engineered multi-lateration aircraft and vehicle tracking system at the DFW Int’l Airport under the auspices of the SW Region Office of the FAA.  During the same time frame, in the center ATCT of the DFW Airport was a functioning paperless (virtual) FDIO strip management and passing system the FAA tested that he designed.  In 1995, he was a co-developer (as a consultant) at Texas Instruments in Richardson, TX on the OmniView Holographic workstation.  In 2009, he was appointed to the FAA NextGen Institute Airport Surface Traffic Automation workgroup by then FAA Director Charlie Bergman

Atrivu’s technical visionary, Chief Architect for all of Atrivu’s ASIS products, Jim holds numerous degrees including a Ph.D. in Physics, University of Texas – Austin, MS in Computer Science, University of Texas – Austin, BS in Physics and Mathematics respectively, University of Texas – Austin, BS business Administration ,Major: International Business Colorado technical University Exec MBA, Colorado Technical University


Doug Jakubik

“Application of technology to improve human performance through changing human behavior.”


Chief Humaneer & COO

Doug’s 22 year military career in the United States Air Force brings a wealth of knowledge of the latest electronic and avionic technology from stealth weapons platforms.  He is disabled veteran, served in Viet Nam and other worldwide locations.  His military career included rapid promotion to the level of CMSgt USAF (E-9) rank in first 16 years of service.  Doug’s military career included technical course development for the Air Training Command and Field Training Detachments

He is extremely proficient in delivering business development concepts and learning through C Level Coaching, Employment Law Compliance Audits, Talent Management, Total Performance Improvement and Process Change Management to levels that exceed customer expectations.   Doug is an exceptional facilitator and educator with the ability to create and deliver customized training programs using Instructional System Development (ISD) methodology. 

Additionally, Doug′s experience in resources/capital consulting extends into both the public and private sectors of industry.  Doug has excelled in the areas of Employment Law Compliance Audits, Litigation Avoidance and creating numerous customized employee handbooks, policies and procedures that integrate individual management philosophies into representative companies.  Doug has audited and evaluated existing human resource systems and created human resources systems for 53 new entrepreneurial companies.  Doug is charged with designing work processes with maintenance of the HR Knowledge Base for increased efficiency. The goal results are creating customer solutions to build organizational capabilities that address Atrivu′s most complex business problems created by new first line technology development and deployment.   Doug brings over twenty years of experience as a Senior Human Capital Consultant (HCC) and Virtual HR Consultant as well as an MS Degree in Management Consulting from Webster University, a BS in Social Studies from Barry University, and a AAIS degree in Instructional Development from the Air Force Air University. 



Dean Porter  


“We live in a world where generations of students, young and old have to suffer through an educational platform that is diametrically opposed to the natural contextual format built into your DNA.  We can change that paradigm, it’s time!”


 Director of Marketing

Dean is about doing business for a “purpose”, a higher purpose.  He brings a wealth of Information Technology and Intelligent Security business experience to the team.   His years of assessing markets, services, products and developing direct business relationships with domestic and international Distribution channels, Government, and End-users is strategic to introducing ATRIVU solutions to emerging and existing markets.  He is a pragmatic visionary who delivers actionable strategies based on market assessment and business intelligence. Dean’s relational equity with clients including Boeing, Honeywell, Indyne, Inc., General Dynamics, BAE, Distributors such as Anixter Corporation, Graybar, Computer Supply Corporation, Rexel USA, and End-users like Walt Disney World, multiple Universities, Municipalities, and multiple State Departments of Transportation, and manufacturers like AXIS Communications, Panasonic, and Sony, is instrumental to ATRIVU’s future development.  With strengths in leadership and team building he motivates both staff and clients to improve customer satisfaction and retention, especially on high-profile, high-stress engagements.  He has delivered consistent revenue growth for startups and growth phases of well-regarded technology and manufacturing organizations, such as Fast Access America, FAST Video Security, Gateway Computers, DIGIOP Technologies, PC OPEN / Open Eye, and Optelecom-NKF.