About Us


As a veteran-owned software company we are committed to providing innovative technology for the Education market, utilizing our game changing MYOGY platform.

Over the years our desire to become a champion of change, in a way that would benefit everyone, forced us to refocus our energies on education and the development of a platform that would revolutionize how we teach, learn, and retain knowledge.  MYOGY isn’t just an immersive learning platform, it is a system that allows the user to learn at their own pace, and branch out in ways they may have never thought they could.  MYOGY is designed to foster efficiencies in knowledge delivery and retention, and can be applied to any discipline at any level.  Our technology can be adapted to a wide variety of use cases, including, K-12, University, Technical Training, Sales Training, Customer Service Training, and virtually any educational environment.

The Leadership team at ATRIVU has as its foundation a faith based direction that guides us every day.  We are doing what we do because we believe we are called to serve with the knowledge we have been blessed with.  It is that servant attitude that allows us to step out and take a hold of this cause, and run with it until we fulfill our goal of insuring that every child is allowed to learn, grow, achieve, and benefit from education.

Company Characteristics

Attention to detail – “We do it right the first time!”
Team work – We understand what it takes to collectively succeed.
Reputation – We stand by our work and our word.
Innovation – We are developing for today and tomorrow as well.
Vision- Looking at what you can’t see, identify what you must see!
Unity—We are united to succeed, as a team, and as your partner.